Your own team

Ever had any thoughts about having your own team of professionals?
Work with your own team without the hassle of hiring, workspaces, contracts and high salaries.

Collaborate with BG Bricks and hire your own team of developers for as short of as long as you want. Your team will work with your own project manager or ours and you will work with them just as you would have with your own personnel. Only now you donít have to worry about advertising to fill in vacancies. You wonít have tot recruit and train them.
You wonít be bothered with high salaries, taxes, benefits, razes and contract negotiations. And donít forget about the fact that you donít have to think about investing in software, hardware, workplaces or renting extra office space. †

How it works

You will only work with our project manager.†He will do everything that is needed for the communication and coordination of the projects.
Via the virtual office you will be informed about design, progress and other information regarding the projects. Off course you can also choose not to work with the project manager but directly be in contact with your development team and still have the benefits of your virtual office.

BG Bricks operates at much lower costs compared†to most of the western salaries.†How easy can it be to expand your team!
Still not convinced? Ok, its your loss. If you are interested, please click here en get in touch with us.